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One Year Ago Today… 

Rochesters Very Own…


Rear View





didn’t remember how intense this was

Human Overload….

Bassick Conceptz Ep. #02

Here is the tracklist from the second episode of Bassick Conceptz

The Re-Broadcast is on Sunday (3-5pm NY time, 2-4 TX time)

Only on


1. Akkachar & Taz Buckfaster- 187 On A Rock

2. Disonata & BadKlaat Colossus

3. Excision & Datsik Boom (Triage remix)

4. RSD-Jah Way 

5. Masq Yoko

6. The Frim- Bassline Skanka

7. Wiz Khalifa- Work (Myth Syzer Remix)

8. Awkword N-Words feat. WxlfMan- Got Props

9. Timbaland feat. Jay-Z, Drake & James Fauntleroy Know Bout Me 

10. Banana Bomber- Gorilla Funk Original Mix 

11. Banana Bomber & Widelows- Shadow Killer

12. Mr. Oizo- Monday Massacre

13. Skitzofrenix- Respek di Woman (Original Mix) 

14. Zebra katz- Ima Read

15. SupraNatural- GOOD (Prod. by Elevator) 

16.- Elevator- 5th Floor

17. Datsik- Quantization Error

18. JME 96 F**kries

19. Footsie- Spookfest (Filth Collins Remix) [feat. JME, D Double E, Jammer, P-Money, P Money & Chronik] 

20. ConArtist- Pocket Change

21. Borgore- Money (ConArtist Remix)

22. FuntCase and South Bound Hangers- Wizard Sleeve (feat. MC Raff)

23. DKS- I Know (Original Mix)

24. Crizzly & Kids At The Bar- LIKE DAT (RETWERK) 

25. Kahn- Helter Skelter

26. Burial- Wounder

27. Burial- Ghost Hardware

28. Mario Bee - tomb (APLOT remix)

29. ELEv^TOR- 7th Floor 

30. ConArtist & ELEv^TOR- Space Ninja

31. Trolley Snatcha- Slow Down

32. SupraNatural- The Skipper’s Lullaby

33. Slum Dogz- In The Hood

34. Congorock x Cesqeaux Babylon (Trap RELOAD)

35. ConArtist- Rockets (Dub Mix)

36. Borgore- Foes (16Bit Fuck Hoes Remix) 

37. Mario Bee- Scratch The Surface 


39. Major Lazer- Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)

40. ConArtist- In My Mind (Interlude Pt. 3)

41. Dr. Philth- Electro Wank

42. 123Mrk- Weird

43. Ab-Soul Ab-Soul-ILLuminate Ft. Kendrick Lamar 

44. Melo-X- Handle It 



DUDE! COOL GUY COUCH GAWD Mario Bee’s approach to cadence on the original ‘Scratch The Surface’ is  too ill…

You have to peep the ConArtist Remix a the Drop:

Digital Butter!!!

More Mario Bee:




Bassick Conceptz Ep. #01

Here is the tracklist from the first episode of Bassick Conceptz

Only on

  1. Akkachar & Taz Buckfaster- 187 On A Rock
  2. Bar 9- Pull Up
  3. 16- Bit In The Death Car
  4. 666- Supa-Dupa-Fly (ConArtist Remix)
  5. JME- Work
  6. Skepp & Hawk- Ripper [Feat. Bizzie]
  7. Synkro- Music Makers (Bar 9 Remix)
  8. DJ Mehdi- TragicoMehdi (Original Mix)
  9. Mick Jenkins- BOB
  10. Morgan London- David Ruffin’
  11. SupraNatural- Weightless ft. Johny5ive
  12. Das Racist- I Don’t Owe Nobody Shyte
  13. SecondCity- You Feel
  14. Mario Bee - Tomb (222 Oceans Remix)
  15. Mario Bee – Tomb
  16. Chantola- Ibiza Soul (Johny S Deep Remix)
  17. Timbaland feat. Jay-Z, Drake & James- Know Bout Me
  18. Bart&Baker & Sweet Tooth – Bee Zoo (ConArtist Remix)
  19. AreHouse- Puzzle Piece (ConArtist Remix)
  20. Adele- Rollin in the Deep (ConArtist Shuffle Remix)
  21. Adele- Rolling In the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)
  22. Culprate - Nightmares In Reality (Ft. Maksim)
  23. Dem Slackers- Let’s Go (Bart B More ‘Lesssgo’ Remix)
  24. Skitzofrenix- Respek di Woman (Original Mix)
  25. Proxy-Raven (Laidback Luke Edit)
  26. ConArtist- Electronic Safari
  27. Sharooz- Get Off (Miles Dyson Remix)
  28. ConArtist- Clock Back HOUSE REMIX
  29. Oliver Huntemann- Shanghai Spinner (Joey Beltram Remix)
  30. Nelly Furtado- Say It Right ft. Timbaland (ConArtist Remix)
  31. Umek & Christian Cambas- On The Edge (Original Mix)
  32. Munchi ft. Mr Lexx- Shottas (Crookers Remix)
  33. Das Racist- Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
  34. Supranatural- Good (Prod. By ELEv^TOR)
  35. Access Denied & Gordy- Watch Your Step! (AFK Remix)
  36. Plan B- She Said (16 Bit Remix)
  37. Datsik & Bare- King Kong
  38. Datsik & Bare- King Kong (Bare VIP)
  39. Datsik- Too Late to Say No
  40. Bar 9- Duck Hunt
  41. Bashki- Crude (Akeda Remix)
  42. Congorock x Cesqeaux- Babylon (Trap RELOAD)
  43. ConArtist & Elevator- Space Ninja
  44. Crizzly & Kids At The Bar- Like Dat (Retwerk)
  45. Awkword N-Words- Intro
  46. Awkword NWords- Good Life Dude
  47. Wxlfman- Return of the MC
  48. Laffter & ConArtist- Take These Nuts
  49. ConArtist- Etch-A-Sketch (Original Mix)
  50. AFK & Spenca- Go Home
  51. ConArtist- Slap Happy
  52. Datsik & Downlink- Sting
  53. ConArtist- She Sleeps

Happy Listening