Dec 08

Bassick Conceptz Ep. #01

Here is the tracklist from the first episode of Bassick Conceptz

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  1. Akkachar & Taz Buckfaster- 187 On A Rock
  2. Bar 9- Pull Up
  3. 16- Bit In The Death Car
  4. 666- Supa-Dupa-Fly (ConArtist Remix)
  5. JME- Work
  6. Skepp & Hawk- Ripper [Feat. Bizzie]
  7. Synkro- Music Makers (Bar 9 Remix)
  8. DJ Mehdi- TragicoMehdi (Original Mix)
  9. Mick Jenkins- BOB
  10. Morgan London- David Ruffin’
  11. SupraNatural- Weightless ft. Johny5ive
  12. Das Racist- I Don’t Owe Nobody Shyte
  13. SecondCity- You Feel
  14. Mario Bee - Tomb (222 Oceans Remix)
  15. Mario Bee – Tomb
  16. Chantola- Ibiza Soul (Johny S Deep Remix)
  17. Timbaland feat. Jay-Z, Drake & James- Know Bout Me
  18. Bart&Baker & Sweet Tooth – Bee Zoo (ConArtist Remix)
  19. AreHouse- Puzzle Piece (ConArtist Remix)
  20. Adele- Rollin in the Deep (ConArtist Shuffle Remix)
  21. Adele- Rolling In the Deep (Jamie xx Shuffle)
  22. Culprate - Nightmares In Reality (Ft. Maksim)
  23. Dem Slackers- Let’s Go (Bart B More ‘Lesssgo’ Remix)
  24. Skitzofrenix- Respek di Woman (Original Mix)
  25. Proxy-Raven (Laidback Luke Edit)
  26. ConArtist- Electronic Safari
  27. Sharooz- Get Off (Miles Dyson Remix)
  28. ConArtist- Clock Back HOUSE REMIX
  29. Oliver Huntemann- Shanghai Spinner (Joey Beltram Remix)
  30. Nelly Furtado- Say It Right ft. Timbaland (ConArtist Remix)
  31. Umek & Christian Cambas- On The Edge (Original Mix)
  32. Munchi ft. Mr Lexx- Shottas (Crookers Remix)
  33. Das Racist- Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
  34. Supranatural- Good (Prod. By ELEv^TOR)
  35. Access Denied & Gordy- Watch Your Step! (AFK Remix)
  36. Plan B- She Said (16 Bit Remix)
  37. Datsik & Bare- King Kong
  38. Datsik & Bare- King Kong (Bare VIP)
  39. Datsik- Too Late to Say No
  40. Bar 9- Duck Hunt
  41. Bashki- Crude (Akeda Remix)
  42. Congorock x Cesqeaux- Babylon (Trap RELOAD)
  43. ConArtist & Elevator- Space Ninja
  44. Crizzly & Kids At The Bar- Like Dat (Retwerk)
  45. Awkword N-Words- Intro
  46. Awkword NWords- Good Life Dude
  47. Wxlfman- Return of the MC
  48. Laffter & ConArtist- Take These Nuts
  49. ConArtist- Etch-A-Sketch (Original Mix)
  50. AFK & Spenca- Go Home
  51. ConArtist- Slap Happy
  52. Datsik & Downlink- Sting
  53. ConArtist- She Sleeps

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Dec 05


Can someone record an album inspired by the subject headings in their phone’s “notes file” please?

— alexa chung (@alexa_chung) December 6, 2013


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It’s A Bird!


This is Giesel… She skydives all the time…. It is incredible…. She films her dope adventures… Check out her shyzze…..



We made this…

Nov 05


Oct 24

ConArtist @ DubLand Underground October 10th, 2013

ConArtist @ DubLand Underground 10/10/13 by Conartist on Mixcloud

Alexa Chung at the Whitney Museum of American Art Gala 23/10/13

Alexa Chung at the Whitney Museum of American Art Gala 23/10/13

(Source: alexachung, via alexachungblog)

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Oct 19

The Way Synthesis Works…



1. (of a substance) made by chemical synthesis, esp. to imitate a natural product. “synthetic rubber” antonyms: natural

2. LOGIC (of a proposition) having truth or falsity determinable by recourse to experience.

3. LINGUISTICS (of a language) characterized by the use of inflections rather than word order to express grammatical structure.


The combination of two or more parts, whether by design or by natural processes. Furthermore, it may imply being prepared or made artificially, in contrast to naturally.

Ideas are synthetic, but what comes from them are tangible manifestations.

That being said…. My latest project under the moniker SupraNatural, "Synthetics", that I have been working on when I started making noise with The Rendezvous NYC is an homage to Synthesis and the fabrication of ideas. There is something about movement and vibrations that intrigues me. "Synthetics" is about tapping into the plane where reality and imagination meet. There are an infinite amount of possibilities or variation to any idea, especially when it is engaged with more than one mind. I will show you what I mean with using "Sometimes".

The Original:

Elevator used audio synthesis to turn that slow track into this:

An in turn, using my imagination, with the help of Giesel Widmer, I turned that version into this:

All of that came from one idea… How much more variation can emerge?

If you want to add/make your own remix and add it to the Sometimes compilation, download the vocals and have at it. Upload it or send it to me and I will add it to the list of remixes and variations. Have fun!

You can also download the rest of the "Synthetics" LP free, along with a bunch of my other music, including my first two LPs, The Lost Cause: The Mixtape and WAS.

Happy Downloading.